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Tesko concrete formwork and metal equipment, formwork and scaffolding

We are Tesko; One of the leading manufacturers of concrete and scaffolding industry

Has an extensive distribution network of concrete formwork equipment – concrete metal formwork

Selling all kinds of modular concrete concrete forms, work platforms, prefabricated scaffolds, roof jacks, temporary workshop stairs, movable turrets and special concrete forms, including sliding concrete forms and tunnel lining forms.

Experience in implementing the largest construction structures in Iran and neighboring countries


Selling products

Concrete molds and other Tesko products are sold in three ways: cash sale, installment sale and sale with the condition of Buyback.

Rental of concrete formwork and equipment

Tesko can lease metal concrete formwork, access equipment, scaffolding and workshop stairs to the employer and the executor of the project during the conditions that are completely agreed upon during the project.

Technical advice

Consulting on how to implement concrete structures and review of safety access strategies and methods using a variety of concrete concrete forms and modular and prefabricated scaffolding technically, qualitatively and economically

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Consulting, technical analysis and execution of concrete formwork and metal scaffolding

Tesko engineers and executive experts are ready to answer customers’ questions and provide technical and economic solutions for construction projects.

Technical and engineering analysis based on the project schedule and projected budget helps a contractor or contractor to choose the best method of construction.

Tesko designs and manufactures all concrete formwork and scaffolding equipment and height access systems such as stairs and work platforms as soon as possible.

Preparation of plans for concrete metal formwork and formwork with executive details and installation and assembly instructions, taking into account safety issues, is one of Tesko’s free services.


Metal concrete formwork equipment

Modular metal mold

Modular metal concrete formwork is used in many projects and in all structural elements such as foundations, columns, girders, etc. Modular molding equipment has many uses and is very economical and cost-effective. Panels Modular mold panels are produced in two types of belts and 6 cm belts and are divided into two types of belts and welds in terms of the type of connection. Usually, one square meter of 5 cm welded modular belt weighs 40 kg, 6 cm welded belt weighs 44 kg and the bend type is 38 kg.

Plywood concrete formwork

Plywood is a light and ideal material for concrete formwork. Makes concrete surfaces smooth and even. This type of mold is made of highly flexible panels and can be used repeatedly. This type of mold consists of multilayer panels under wood pressure that can easily create curved and arched forms. Eco-friendly and recyclable recyclable plywood product
It absorbs moisture quickly and dries very quickly. It is also divided into two groups of frameless and full frame.

Concrete formwork columns

In every concrete structure there is a vertical bar element called a column. Columns usually have different sections and shapes, which are selected based on the architect's taste, endurance, load and engineering requirements. Rectangular concrete columns are made using modular formwork and round columns are made by special arched or round formwork. In forming square or rectangular columns, different combinations of modular metal concrete formwork, outer corner or punched corner are used. To prevent the complexity of the column formwork from dimensions of 50x50 and above, a tubular constraint (gonia) is used.

Jointing and modular scaffolding

Hammer scaffolding

This scaffolding is composed of vertical and horizontal bases in different sizes. The connection of the elements is done using a hammer blow and in a wedge shape. By installing adjustable jacks at the top and bottom, the scaffold can adjust any height and level difference. The connections of this scaffold are with pins and wedges that can be easily opened, closed and moved.

Triangular scaffolding

This scaffolding is composed of high strength triangular frames. It is also used in slab and beam formwork projects or stairs. Its components include the insole, the adjusting screw, the horizontal restraint rod, and the incline and pin. Ease of installation and opening, high efficiency and no need for skilled workers are the prominent features of this product.

Ceiling Jack

Ceiling jacks are used to form beams and slabs and are more cost-effective than scaffolding. Their maximum load is 1500 kg. These jacks are offered in a simple T-shape. The height adjustment screws are of rolling type. The use of jacks up to a maximum height of 4 meters is recommended.

Work platform and access equipment

Prefabricated scaffolding

A professional scaffolding system is used for access and formwork. Installation speed, safety and durability are three important factors in its design. Ease of installation and no need for skilled workers and having the world standards are the hallmarks of this product.

Temporary workshop stairs

Temporary workshop stairs are designed for the transportation of materials and the movement of personnel and industrial access, including repairs and installation of equipment. High safety, ease of installation and execution speed are the features of this product. These stairs are produced in three types of four-legged, eight-legged and twelve-legged.

Movable turret

The turret is a suitable solution for access to a height of less than 10 meters in industrial and construction projects (including the use of roofs). This system consists of a combination of base and restraint with quick braces with wheeled chassis or brake cycles.

Special concrete forms and special projects

Slippery concrete formwork

This type of formwork is used in the construction of high-rise concrete structures such as silos, air tanks and shear cores of towers, etc. Implementing and using this type of template significantly reduces implementation costs. The basis of using this type of mold is a continuous and gentle movement from bottom to top.

Tunnel lining concrete formwork

This type of formwork is used to execute concrete structures over long distances such as tunnel walls, channels. The lining mold usually moves on rails. The opening and closing operations of this mold are also performed by manual or hydraulic jacks.

Prefabricated parts mold

These templates are among the special templates that are designed and executed based on the form and plan provided by the employer. Prefabricated molds are designed and built so that they can be used many times. Among the structures that are made using prefabricated forms, we can mention beams, stair decks, manholes, prefabricated slabs and concrete pipes.

Sell concrete formwork

The price of Tesko concrete formwork can be considered cheap or expensive depending on the type of project, horizontal or vertical structure, metal or wooden formwork, but free consultation with Tesko sales experts will help you to have a higher quality and higher price while having a free specialized consultation. Benefit from lower and more useful services.

Factors influencing the purchase of concrete formwork

Mold price
Concrete forms are usually provided to buyers in two ways: purchase and rent. The price to be purchased must be determined in advance. It is better to choose templates that are economical. Rental templates are a better option for this purpose.

Experience using the template
Once you have enough experience in using a template, you can make a better decision about choosing it.

Appearance of concrete formwork
Templates should also be checked for appearance. According to consumers, metal molds are better. Concretes made by these structures usually have fewer cavities after hardening.

Concrete formwork strength
According to experts, molds made of steel usually have a higher strength because they are harder and do not leave moisture.

Mold height
Height should be considered when buying. If you are looking to build tall structures, steel forms are a better option, but wooden forms are more suitable for shorter structures.

Shape shape
If you want to do concreting directly, it is better to go for steel molds. Of course, if you do not have a problem with their cost. Otherwise, wooden molds can also be a good option.

جدول محاسبه متعلقات و اتصالات قالب بتن فلزی

پین و گوه۸ جفت در هر مترمربع
گیره متوسط۴ عدد در هر مترمربع
لوله پشت‌بند افقی۲ عدد در هر مترمربع
لوله پشت‌بند عمودیطول دیوار * ارتفاع * ۴
بولت - دیوار سولجریضخامت دیوار + ۷۰ سانتی‌متر
بولت - دیوار لوله‌ایضخامت دیوار + ۵۰ سانتی‌متر
مهره خروسکی - دیوار سولجری(تعداد بولت * ۲) + تعداد بولت عصایی
مهره خروسکی - دیوار لوله‌ایتعداد بولت * ۲
واشر دولولهتعداد بولت * ۲
واشر کاس(تعداد بولت * ۲) + تعداد بولت عصایی

جدول قیمت و وزن قالب بتن تولیدشده در کارخانه تسکو

نام قالب فلزی بتنوزن (kg)قیمت (تومان) بدون احتساب ارزش افزوده9% ارزش افزوده (تومان)
قالب 10*1006.747/0004,230
قالب 15*100847/0004,230
قالب 20*1009.847/0004,230
قالب 25*10011.247/0004,230
قالب 30*1001347/0004,230
قالب 35*10014.847/0004,230
قالب 40*1001647/0004,230
قالب 45*1001947/0004,230
قالب 50*10020.347/0004,230
قالب 50*100 سوراخدار20.347/0004,230
به روزرسانی در 24 دی 1402
Tesko projects in the countries of the region
Tesko projects in the countries of the region

One of the requirements for concrete construction in various civil structures is concrete formwork. Concrete formwork that is made and used in various types with permanent or temporary properties and holds the concreting contents in such a way that it becomes strong and reaches an acceptable level of strength and durability.

Tesko products are durable and safe in terms of price, and are made in accordance with changes and updates in the construction of buildings.

Experience working on large projects such as concrete bridges, tunnels, dams and high-rise buildings, along with professional advice from technical experts, has put Tesko ahead of the competition.

Tesko projects including concrete formwork and height access equipment and metal scaffolding in addition to Iran in neighboring countries, Central Asia and the Middle East such as: UAE, Iraq, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, etc. Design, implementation and execution have became.

All these projects have been carried out in accordance with the type of project and the biological structure of that region and, most importantly, with experts fluent in the language of that country.

Years of experience working on large projects and employers for whom the future of the project is vital, and a history of participating in national projects and working in neighboring countries, have made us aware of the growing importance of product warranty services and after-sales service. We will stay by your side.

History of concrete formwork

Man has been trying for thousands of years to use concrete to build strong, safe and magnificent structures, and the lifespan of this effort is as long as the history of human civilization.

The discovery of concrete structures in parts of Syria and Jordan, masterpieces of ancient Roman architecture and the three pyramids of Egypt, and many other artifacts dating back to thousands of years BC show that various compositions such as volcanic ash, lime or soil and straw with Water in wooden molds was the basis for the construction of the largest structures in the ancient world.

The turning point in concrete technology came in 1793, when John Smithon made cement from modified limestone containing clay, and about a century later, in 1910, a steel concrete formwork was made in the United States.

An experience over time

Why should we use Tesko concrete formwork and its equipment?

Tesko is one of the leaders in the concrete and scaffolding industry, providing concrete formwork equipment and height access for any type of project.Focus on cost-effectiveness, manufacturing speed, high carrying capacity, flexibility and product quality are important features of Tesko.Tesko has one of the most extensive production and distribution networks of modular concrete forms, platforms, prefabricated scaffolds, temporary workshop stairs, movable turrets and special concrete forms including sliding concrete forms, concrete tunnel formwork systems in Iran and neighboring countries.Tesko customers all over the country benefit from high quality, availability of molding and scaffolding products and reliability in product delivery.Our diverse product portfolio includes a wide range of concrete formwork – modular concrete formwork, foundation metal formwork, wall metal formwork, column metal formwork and slab metal formwork.We are able to define and draw the design and implementation method for each project.

We have been in the market for 25 years as a professional manufacturer and supplier and we have always been a pioneer in making concrete and scaffolding. What makes us successful is that in everything we do, we always think of our customers’ benefits first. Partnership based on partnership and trust is a core value in our company.

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کنج بیرونی قالب فلزی بتن تسکو

Advantages of Tesko metal mold

Proximity to customers is actively lived and directed in our company. To date, more than 1,000 contractors and contractors have benefited from our products and services in major national projects such as roads and bridges, dams, water and environment, housing and mass construction, oil and gas and petrochemicals. We have participated in more than 100 overseas projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates, and we have met the satisfaction of our clients in the field of large projects.

Over the years, our international activity and the different needs of the region in terms of type and method of construction, use of materials and equipment, as well as wage costs have led to valuable knowledge. We provide this technical knowledge to develop the right products and services, thus our knowledge has become indigenous knowledge and an advantage, and all our customers across the country benefit from this advantage.

Aware of local needs, we create concrete and scaffolding systems and work platforms suitable for any need around the world. Our employees across the country, their performance and competence are the real asset of our company. High motivation and special team spirit, strong customer-oriented approach and their daily focus on the real needs of the customer, we have been very successful since the beginning.

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